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Thank you to all of MMoAA's supporters. Thanks to Artspace New Haven and its staff for launching the project. Thanks to Billy Fischer for providing home and heart for Laurelin in Bethany, CT and to Troubadour Puppies for making the connection possible.

Thanks to Andrew Brinkhaus and Chelsea Ornelas for helping with renovations. Thanks to Rachel Kauder Nalebuff for providing months of moral support. Thanks to Jacob Goldman for keeping everything in good taste and good intellect.

Thanks to everyone who supported the project's initial fundraising efforts on Indiegogo: Matthew Prewitt, David Van Witt, Evan Cook, Marty Keil, Matthew Kruse, Amelie Peisl, Kaley Fluke, William DiDonna, Cris Shirley, Pierre Bourgeois, Ashna Reddy, Jamie Tollensdorf, Caroline Tracey, Ellen Ray, Quinn Harmon, Chloe Rossetti, Nancy Stolze, Julie Simons, Dawn Ortiz, Taja Cheek, Raph Shapiro, Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Elías Kleinbock, Samuel Huber, Benjamin Flores, Mary Kruse, Daniel Kleederman, Abby West, Ronald Rael, Christian Hilton, Chloe Sarbib, Frida Zink, Lucas Zwirner, Mirko Kruse, Nicolas Hostetter, Kristine Lawson, Michael Gabriel, Candace Hsu, Karen Lemke, Jon Geiger, Hannah Crichton, Carl Chen, Sarah Sellman, Lares Feliciano, Johanna Leech, Julie Mordecai, Hans Schoenburg, Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, Daniel Cummings, Danny Ledonne, Jenna Bourgeois, Yvonne Lindemann, Angela Mestas, Caroline Hayes, Toni Pizza, Serena Herrick, Tessa Smith, Johnny Faragher, Stephen Feigenbaum, Josh Greene, Brendan Ternus, Melanie and Sean Foreman, Matthew George, Krystal Richman, Gillon Crichton, Gideon Irving, Justin Scott, William Stephen, James Biondi, R Sastri, Barbara Zadra, Ethan Kuperberg, and Sarah Matthes.