Taos, New Mexico

April 1-30, 2018

Host: The Paseo Project, supported by the LOR Foundation. 

Week 1
Friday, April 6, 4-6pm, Taos Center for the Arts, Water is Community Installation Opening
Sunday, April 8, 7pm, Taos Center for the Arts, Pecha Kucha Night Taos

Week 2
Tuesday, April 10, 12-3pm, Questa Library
Wednesday, April 11, 11am-2pm, Ancianos Senior Center
Thursday, April 12, 11:30am-2pm, Taos Plaza
Saturday, April 14, 12-2pm, Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership / KNCE live remote

Week 3
Sunday, April 15, 11am-2pm, Peñasco Theater
Wednesday, April 18, 11-2pm, Ancianos Senior Center
Wednesday, April 18, 5pm, Men’s Homeless Shelter
Thursday, April 19, 2-5pm, Questa Library
Friday, April 20, 1-2pm, Taos Retirement Village

Week 4
Sunday, April 22, 12-3pm, Millicent Rogers Museum
Wednesday, April 25 Enos Garcia Elementary (classroom event)
Thursday, April 26 Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA classroom event)
Friday, April 27, 11am-1pm, University of New Mexico, Taos, Klauer Campus
Saturday, April 28 12-4pm, Enos Garcia Elementary Gymnasium, Invent Event
Sunday, April 29 12-3pm, Harwood Museum of Art, Closing Day with Artist Talk at 3pm

Artifact Donations: 20 (Why Marriage Matters, Origami Bird, Cut Gutter Pipe, Black Roller Skates, Pitcher, Calabacita Seeds, Dog Tag Necklace Commemorating the 1993 Lesbian and Gay March on Washington, One Dollar Bill, Last Vegas, NM Photos, Civil Defense Dosimeter, Spots the Penguin, Flying Dancer Angel, Clear Sunglasses, Supplement Box, Elegante Hotel Chapstick, Curandera’s Bowl, Necklace From a Traveler, First Tool Belt, Meeko, Pickup Truck Marigolds)




AuthorLaurelin Kruse

Green River, Utah

October 22-November 22, 2015

Host: Epicenter (as part of a Frontier Fellowship)

Additional sites: Pirate's Den Teen Center, Green River High School, Pyramid Youth Programs


This month, as part of a Frontier Fellowship at Epicenter, I took a break from collecting and exhibiting to do three programs with Green River Youth. On October 22 I set up at the Pirate's Den Teen Center for their Lights On night. A few of the kids jumped in as my security guards and docents, running the show for the night.  


I led a four day creative writing and storytelling workshop at Green River High School, working with Mr. Gowan's 11th and 12th grade Language Arts classes. The workshop, called "A life in Objects: Creating fiction from fact with the help of an unusual museum collection," used the MMoAA collection to inspire creative writing prompts and create conversation about the elements of good storytelling. For their final assignment, students wrote fictional stories about some of the objects in the museum collection—the collection of flip phones, the lye soap, the Pool Boys, the melted glasses, and the lead. They didn't learn the true stories behind these artifacts until the final day of class, when for each object we read the aloud the fictional stories along with the true story, voting on which we believed to be real. For four out of six objects, students voted on one of their classmates stories rather than the true story as the most convincing. We discussed what makes a story convincing, what we expect in a story attached to an object in a museum, and how to create persuasive, descriptive writing and stories. 

Pyramid Youth Programs hosted me for another two part workshop, this time with younger kids, age 6-9. Kids explored the mobile museum and then brought objects from home to create their own museum exhibit. 

Thanks so much to Epicenter, Green River High School, and Pyramid Youth Programs. 

Sundance, Utah

November 4, 2015

Appearance at the National Arts Strategies Chief Executive Program

Artifact Donations: 2 (fuse crimper, spine screw)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse

Monte Vista, Colorado

October 20, 2015

Host: Homelake, with support from the San Luis Valley Museum Association and Colorado Creative Industries


AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Crestone, Colorado

October 18, 2015

Host: San Luis Valley Museum Association, with support from Colorado Creative Industries

Artifact Donations: 2 (tape measure, floss & lint roller)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Alamosa, Colorado

October 17, 2015

Host: San Luis Valley Museum, with support from the San Luis Valley Museum Association and Colorado Creative Industries

Press: Pueblo Chieftan, October 22, 2015, "Yale grad finds amazing stories in ordinary objects"

Artifact Donations: 4 (handmade marble, South African police ID, drought figurine, love story)

Fort Garland, Colorado

October 16, 2015

Host: Fort Garland Museum, supported by the San Luis Valley Museum Association and Colorado Creative Industries

Artifact Donations: 2 (milky white crystal, cremains permit envelope)


Boulder, Colorado

October 14, 2015

Host: University of Colorado Boulder Art & Art History Department, with support from Colorado Creative Industries

Artifact Donations: 6 (physical memory, painted slides, lottery ticket, japanese good luck charm, Snowwhite memorial card, fish token)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Byers, Colorado

October 13, 2015

Host: Byers General Store, with support from Colorado Creative Industries and help from M12 Collective

Press: Eastern Colorado News, November 13, 2015 "Museum of the present features personal items, their tales"

Artifact Donations: 3 (bullet casing, squirt gun, juice bottle)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Denver, Colorado

October 10, 2015

Host: Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, with support from Colorado Creative Industries

Press: Westword, October 12, 2015, "Laurelin Kruse's Moving Collection of Artifacts Comes to Colorado"

Artifact Donations: 1 (paper bracelet with tape)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Gloucester, Massachusetts

August 28-September 28, 2015

Host: Rocky Neck Art Colony (Goetemann Artist Residency)

Sites: Rocky Neck Parking Lot, Fishermen's Memorial, Good Harbor Beach, Halibut Point State Park, Main Street, Lanesville Community Center for the Mayoral Debate, Cape Ann Farmer's Market

Press: Gloucester Times, September 11, 2015 "'Cabinet of curiosities': Rocky Neck playing home to traveling mini-museum"

Gloucester Times, September 11, 2015 "The Mobile Museum of American Artifacts Visits Gloucester" (video) 

I spent a month at the Rocky Neck Art Colony for the Goetemann Artist Residency, arriving with few plans and little knowledge of the area. I spent the first two weeks distracted by the smell of the sea, going for long walks, worrying that no one would donate, and slowly meeting people. Then, halfway into the residency, one thing quickly spiraled to the next - I parked the MMoAA at Good Harbor Beach at sunrise, attracting over 90 visitors and five artifact donations (wax balls, a blown fuse, copy editing pencils, a silver quarter, arrowheads). The former president of the Lanesville Community Center stopped in while on his morning beach walk, and invited me to park at the Community Center for the mayoral debates the following Tuesday. And so it continued—people left artifacts on my car, showed up at my apartment door with an object in hand, found me walking on the street and delivered an artifact promised to me days prior. I parked at the Cape Ann Farmer's Market, the Fishermen's Memorial, and Halibut Point State Park. The museum spent a total of seven days out around town. The rest of the time, I researched and wrote while the museum rested in the Rocky Neck Parking lot and came to be a landmark for locals over the course of the month. MMoAA's time in Gloucester culminated in a closing talk and exhibit of the 21 artifacts and stories collected there. "Where is the museum??" I overheard a Rocky Neck resident ask her neighbor, just moments after I shipped it off to Colorado (its next stop) on an eighteen wheeler. 

Artifact Donations: 21 (Painting in Gloucester, 1999, Silver Quarter, Blown Fuse, Soft-Lead "Copy" Pencils, Wax Balls, Eastern Woodland Arrowheads, Schooner Jib Hank, $1.91, Glass Bottle Caught at Sea, Leather Sachet, English Bookshop Ball Point Pen, Eye Splice with Thimble, Pink Velvet Wallpaper, T-Shirt with Encoded Message, Buffalo Shoulder Bone, Association Coin, Pipe Planters, Bandana, Spinning Top, Wooden Toy)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Salem, Massachusetts

June 18, 2015

Community Partner: Peabody Essex Museum for the PEM/PM Epic Adventures Evening Party

New Artifact Donations: 1 (Gary's Nose)

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Providence, Rhode Island

May 11-16, 2015

Host: John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities at Brown University

Sites: 5/11: David Winton Bell Gallery, 5/12 & 5/13:Olneyville Library5/14: Knight Memorial Library on Elmwood, 5/15: AS220 FOO(D), 5/16: WaterFire

MMoAA collaborated with four graduate students through the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities to do a week-long residency throughout Providence. Graduate students included Bárbara Elmudesi, MA Candidate Public Humanities '16, Caroline Stevens, MA Candidate Public Humanities '16, Kathleen Haughey, PhD Candidate Ethnomusicology ‘18, and Nico Larrondo, MA Candidate Public Humanities ‘16.

Laurelin and the Public Humanities graduate students outside the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities. 

Laurelin and the Public Humanities graduate students outside the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities. 

AuthorLaurelin Kruse
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Somerville, Massachusetts

October 25, 2014

Hosts: Department of Play & Union Square Farmer's Market

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