The Mobile Museum of American Artifacts (MMoAA) is a touring museum of personal objects and their histories. Housed in a small vintage trailer, MMoAA travels from town to town, conducting an “archeology of the present” that uncovers objects of significant (and insignificant) connection to everyday American life.

TRAVELING MUSEUM - MMoAA visits a range of communities and environments to crowd-source the museum collection by inviting people to submit their own artifacts. In each city, the MMoAA collaborates with local partners to pop-up in various host sites, from grocery store parking lots to historical societies to universities, in order to reach a range of audiences.

CROWD-SOURCED COLLECTION - At each stop, people can view the existing exhibition and are invited to participate by submitting their own artifacts and the stories behind them. Submission guidelines are left open—the only requirement is that the object must have a story. To submit an artifact, the donor brings their object to the museum, participates in a recorded interview about the history of their object, and fills out a donation form. This information is preserved in the archive and is used to write a curated wall text that will be displayed alongside the artifact as it travels on as part of the museum’s evolving exhibition. All artifacts are permanent donations (MMoAA isn’t seeking anything of tremendous commercial or sentimental value – only objects people wish to part with belong in the collection).

EXHIBIT OF EVERY DAY LIFE - MMoAA encourages people to look beyond the global, or even the local, into the personal. The resulting, evolving exhibition captures a variety of moments in people’s lives. 


MMoAA’s presence in a city sparks a sense of local pride and inspires people to look into their communities for what gives them and their hometown a sense of place. MMoAA is an exploration in the everyday, the local—the lives we live and the places we inhabit—and sees the present tense on its way to becoming a story, a thing regarded, the rough draft of memory.


 This project has been developed through  National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellows

This project has been developed through National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellows