Want to host the museum in your town?

As an evolving, participatory public art work, MMoAA offers local institutions dynamic cultural programming and a new way to expand their audience. The museum boosts local pride and strengthens communities by asking people to consider what makes their lives and communities distinct. Trying to reach a new audience or get into the community? We can do this for you! 

Host Requirements:

  • Time: MMoAA can pop-up in your town for a one-day event or hunker down for a four-week residency
  • Space: Parking space of minimum 33 ft. in a lively, high traffic part of town to encourage visitor participation
  • Honorarium: Help cover the costs of bringing MMoAA to your town through a stipend, transportation costs, and lodging.

What does MMoAA Offer:

  • Exhibition of current collection: MMoAA will open up and display artifacts and stories contributed by people who have encountered the MMoAA somewhere along its journey. 
  • Participation in the growing collection: MMoAA is always accepting new artifacts into the collection. People can participate by donating their own artifacts and stories, which the MMoAA will share with people across the country in its future exhibitions and its online archive. 
  • Public Lecture & Storytelling Performance: Laurelin Kruse, Founder and Director of the MMoAA, will give a talk about the concept and theory behind the MMoAA, its history, including many behind the scenes stories from the road. A performance as much as it is a lecture!
  • Educational workshops: Laurelin can customize a workshop for your group of students. For more information see our Education page. 

For more information contact museum@themmoaa.org

Download the info sheet